In this episode of the Sharon Ballantine Show, Sharon and guest Robbi Firestone talk philanthropy, art, the Law of Attraction, opportunities, limiting beliefs and so much more! Robbi is well known as a spirit capture portrait artist. She grew up in a small farm town in the Midwest, until life took her to New York City and LA where her creativity was expressed in acting.  Robbi now resides in Santa Fe New Mexico with her husband where she continues her passion for art and philanthropy.  Her life’s foundation is based on her “warrior” like mentality coupled with feminine beauty that encompasses her ability to intuitively create portraits and “Spirit Captured Writings” of those she works with. She captures each client’s essence and eloquently paints them as a spirit message is gifted within the canvas.

Robbi is currently working on a project called “12 Portraits of Global Visionaries in 12 Months” in which she plans to showcase those she calls teachers to the world. She believes that these 12 visionaries express their passion for life by enriching and making the world a better place for others. Her own experiences with working with visionaries such as Michael Beckwith helped her become focused by surrounding herself with people that supported her life path.

A few years ago she chose to use yearly themes to focus on certain aspects of her life that she wanted change in.  Aspects such as cash flow, physical wellbeing etc. Saying Yes to everything that came into her experience allowed her to focus entirely on one area of her life for the year.

Within this hour Sharon had the opportunity to coach and mentor Robbi as she asked “How do you advise one to move past grief when one has a traumatic loss?” There was also a follow up question on why she continues to push people away when they inquire about this loss. Sharon reveals that the breakdown comes from not speaking one’s truth. It’s all about self-responsibility and being clear with others on what our personal needs are.

You can visit Robbi on her website or follow her on Twitter and Facebook. She also offers conversations with women to inspire and empower them so feel free to contact her at

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