Haven’t most of us been nervous about something at one time or another? Maybe we feel nervous everyday if we have a stressful life or haven’t managed to find ways to soothe ourselves. An upcoming project at work can make us nervous. A job interview or a date we’re just about to go on. What can it feel like to be nervous? Feeling nervous can mean feeling butterflies in your stomach or a sick feeling in your gut. It can also manifest as odd feelings in other parts of our bodies too.

When our performance is threatened or our self–esteem is in jeopardy we can react by feeling nervous. Maybe we’re not sure how to act in a situation or we’re facing unknowns.

Feeling nervous can be a natural reaction to our environment, those around us, events we may be anticipating and also other people. Nerves can serve us in many ways if we can keep it constructive and positive. Being nervous can heighten our senses and help us fine-tune an outcome we want. Nerves can be motivating and inspiring as well.

The problem is we can often allow our nerves to get the better of us and make us feel really bad, and in turn non-productive.

Recently, I found myself in a situation where I deliberately practiced “not” letting my nerves get the better of me. I was going to be interviewed about my book and was going to speak to a large group of people.  To allow myself to get really nervous would have seriously undermined my ability to say in an impactful way what I wanted to say. I chose to take affirmative action.

We can deliberately practice ways of soothing ourselves when our nerves get the better of us. Here are 5 tips on deliberate ways to help calm you.

  • Distract yourself– The more time and energy you spend focusing on how nervous you feel, the more these feelings will amplify. Shift your focus to an activity you enjoy doing.
  • Use positive affirmations- Few things feel better than telling ourselves positive truths. Say positive things to yourself about yourself that you already believe.
  • Trust that all is well- Trust in yourself and in a higher power to have your back. Surrender to knowing that when you allow yourself to feel better, your outcome will match what you want.
  • Be open for new ideas to come- If your nerves haven’t taken a negative turn and you’re still feeling good; ask for guidance regarding the subject of your nervousness.
  • Deep breathe- Your breath can help control the tenseness of your body and mind. Take a few minutes and close your eyes, and be aware of slowly breathing in and out. Only be aware of your breath.


Feeling nervous may be a natural part of our everyday lives, but we control whether being nervous has a negative or positive impact on us. Use your tools to take each situation as it comes and use your nervous energy to create positivity in your life!


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© 2016.  Sharon Ballantine.  All Rights Reserved.


© 2016. Sharon Ballantine. All Rights Reserved.