You can always tell when a person is accustomed to getting what they want.  They have a certain air about them, a certain attitude if you will. I like to call this air and attitude plain old-fashioned happiness.  When we get what we want we’re happy as the emotions we experience feel great, and when we don’t, the emotional toll can feel awful.

Don’t we all want to get what we want, at least most of the time? That’s why we’re here isn’t it, to create our wildest dreams and experience what we desire? I think so.

What are some of the ways in which we want things?  Well, that’s a big question as there are so many aspects to our lives. It may mean you want your ideal love relationship, a job you love, the respect of your children and the people in your life. Maybe you want to change aspects of your body or have financial security that feels good.  What about the smaller aspects you experience day to day, like getting to choose what movie to watch or what restaurant to go to. Maybe you want extra attention from someone.

How can you get more of what you want?

~ Do you know what you want in relation to the aspects of your life? Start to get specific and maybe even write them down. For example: I want more financial freedom, I want more friends, I want my significant other to be more spontaneous, I want my job to be fun, etc.

~ Very important- you must ask for it. Are you asking your loved one for the attention you want? Your children to spend time with you? Your boss for a raise or more responsibility? Are you asking The Universe to help to get your dream home or dream job?

~ You have to allow it.  You allow things into your life by expecting what you want to come. You allow by knowing you deserve to have what you want. You allow by resisting any thoughts that tell you otherwise and choosing to focus on the positive.

~ Feel like you already have what you want. Use your imagination to revel in the feeling of already having what you want. For example: If you want more money, feel the abundance of this financial freedom in every cell of your body. Feel the fun, the joy, and the peace.

~ Take action.  When you feel good about what you want and you’ve set yourself up to receive, then you’ll be further inspired on how to get what you want. Listen for the cues you receive to move forward. For example: Do you want the better job? Pay attention to where you’re inspired to look, whom you’re inspired to call, and so on.

~ Take responsibility for the energy you are emitting. Everything negative will give you negative. Keep your expectations positive.

Feeling good is a crucial aspect in getting what you want. You must find a way to feel good before you can expect to have what you desire appear in your life, no matter how big or how small. Feeling happy attracts happy whether we’re talking about a desire you consider huge or a simpler thing such as getting to choose a day-to-day activity.

You can have what you want. Know you can and listen for the messages that give you ways to get it. Approach your loved ones with the loving attitude of expecting to receive whatever it is you are asking for.

Happy manifesting!





© 2015.  Sharon Ballantine.  All Rights Reserved.

© 2016. Sharon Ballantine. All Rights Reserved.