Each of us has beliefs that we’ve been accumulating throughout our lives. What is a belief? A belief is something we have told ourselves over and over. A belief can also be something someone else has told us, that we choose to accept as our truth. What we believe in can define us and determine how we behave in the world.

We aren’t born with specific truths as they relate to the world around us; we create them with our thoughts.

When another person or society challenges a belief you hold, do you experience that your belief feels conditional? In other words, do you consider changing your belief because it isn’t the popular one or others may feel threatened by it?

Having others disagree with what you believe is one way to determine how deeply held your particular belief is.

Why do you hold a particular belief? Is the reason still relevant in your life? Does it still matter enough to hold onto it?

As we evolve and have more life experience, our beliefs may change and evolve as well. It really doesn’t matter what you choose to believe relative to any subject, but it does matter how your beliefs make you feel. If you hold a belief that makes you feel good, then this belief serves you in relation to creating what you want in your life. If a certain belief makes you feel bad and you give this belief your attention, then it will not serve you in creating and manifesting what you desire.

Again, it matters how your beliefs make you feel because how you feel determines what you manifest.

For example: You may believe that people at work are competitive toward you and don’t support your success. How does this thought make you feel? I don’t imagine it feels good because it’s challenging to be creative and work with others you feel aren’t supportive. When you feel this way, you will attract situations and experiences that support this belief. Haven’t you noticed this it’s really hard to manifest the opposite of how you’re feeling?

On the other hand, if you believe that your co-workers support you, you have a better feeling about being at work with them. This better feeling will help you create the better relationships and working environment that support this more positive way of feeling and believing.

Look at your beliefs for criteria that serve you.

~Does your belief feel good or bad when you think about it or talk about it?

~Do you often feel like your belief is conditional and determined by how others react to it?

~ Notice what you are manifesting in relation to what you believe regarding any subject in your life.

Our beliefs make up who we are and what we create, so examine your beliefs and determine new criteria for moving forward with a belief. A criteria that feels really good.

I welcome your thoughts!



© 2015.  Sharon Ballantine.  All Rights Reserved.


© 2016. Sharon Ballantine. All Rights Reserved.