On this episode of the Sharon Ballantine Show, Annette Blenkarn, CEO of Bewitched Business Strategies and former Auto Racer, shares her personal life story. She tells anecdotes of risk taking and drive, which enabled her to transcend traditional education. In 2010 Annette sustained a serious brain injury in an automobile accident, which later became her catalyst for learning how to integrate the holistic-healing side of being in service to others.

Annette began her career at the tender age of 11, and realizing she had an absolutely knack for business, was able to organize her time and efforts which led her to great offers and opportunities. She started Bewitched Business Strategies following her brain injury as a way to rebuild her cognitive function, which was a huge part of her recovery. Her passion now, is working with clients helping them to “get in the zone” which is the place of connection to the Universe through energy work, creation, and inspired action.

Sharon and Annette discuss how quickly the Universe provides for us when we have clarity in our path. Taking ownership, responsibility and being free of judgment with others and ourselves, can quickly help us to move forward to manifest our desires.

Annette takes a moment to ask Sharon about how to ascertain when life is nudging us to make changes. Sharon encourages Annette to listen to her Internal Guidance System, which always knows our highest path and speaks to us through our feelings. The Universe speaks to us in inspired action, which we are available to clearly hear when we are in alignment.

Bewitched Business Strategies and Annette can be found online at http://bewitchedstrategies.com/

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