Have you ever thought about how your feelings relate to things that you want to have? In other words, in addition to the person, place, thing, or experience you want in your life, the feeling that you will have when you acquire or achieve your desire?

How do you want to feel when you get what you want?

Do you want to feel loved and secure by being in a relationship, financially abundant within a certain career, joyful with a certain amount of children, or safe in a certain home?

Many of us focus on a specific desired result. For example: You would like to be in a relationship with a particular person. Your dream trip may be to an island off the Italian coast. The job you want may be a specific title with a certain company. There may be a certain neighborhood or even a specific home you have your heart set on. When you focus on the feeling you would like to experience as opposed to an exact match to your vision, you greatly increase the chances and choices in getting what you want.  The feeling will always be why we want something to begin with.

Each of us is here in this life to create everything that occurs to us. I believe that. I also believe we should focus on, believe in and follow our inspirations to get exactly what we are envisioning. Have you noticed however, that what you sometimes receive doesn’t match what you were hoping for and dreaming about?

We limit ourselves when we think we can only be happy with a certain outcome.

What happens when you think you will only be happy with a certain outcome? You won’t feel happy because you didn’t receive your vision. And when you aren’t happy, you also won’t feel inspired to take the actions necessary to get what you want.

There are many examples in my life where I had my heart set on a specific outcome and desire, giving little conscious thought to the feeling I was looking for.

When I released attachment to a certain outcome and allowed myself to feel my desire, it was amazing and magical what came my way. Often, it looked completely different than I had envisioned, but it was as good, or a better feeling end result.  

Begin to focus on the feelings you want to experience by having your desires met, even before you manifest these desires. When you begin to feel like you already have what you want, it allows the Universe to pick and choose your exact match. We don’t always know consciously what our perfect match is, as we aren’t privy to the bigger picture.

Revel in knowing what you want is coming your way. Feel eager anticipation knowing the possibilities are endless. Be open to receiving your best and perfect match without deciding ahead of time what this may look like. Feel your way to your best future.


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© 2016.  Sharon Ballantine.  All Rights Reserved.


© 2016. Sharon Ballantine. All Rights Reserved.