Heart-centered workshop leader Jill Prescott discusses how her own inner critic sabotaged her quality of life. Jill describes how she transformed herself into the present day coach and teacher. Her passion is guiding others into falling in love with themselves. In this hour on the Sharon Ballantine Show, Jill joins Sharon and opens up on her journey through child hood abuse, and into the experience of two broken marriages and 3 miscarriages. This contrast helped her become the strong vibrant woman who now uses those challenges to create the life she wants.

Life is a practice Jill explains, and through her workshops guides the participants through a process of realization of their own inner critic. She guides them in understanding that self- criticism is an illusion, and is not the truth. The ego often takes over, resisting change and new practices, and one can self-sabotage in trying to achieve what they desire.

Jill’s passion is teaching her clients how to fall in love with themselves – emphasizing that everyone is divine. There is connection between all energies and within this connection there is only love, and from this place we realize we are all connected. This connection helps facilitate compassion toward ourselves, and everyone we encounter.

Jill’s biggest challenge with her business is handling its fast growth while maintaining the balance and taking valuable time for herself. Sharon reminds Jill that having balance in our lives is crucial for our alignment. Creating a list of priorities in what needs to be accomplished is a great way to start, then deciding what sounds the most fun. Sharon offers Jill practical ideas on how to integrate the Law of Attraction to create this balance.

You can visit Jill at tangentpath.com or on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.



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