Do you love to be inspired?  Or, do we even remember what it feels like to be inspired? What or whom is able to inspire us? These are Powerful questions to consider.

When I’m inspired I feel powerful. This powerful feeling is an energy or a motivation to accomplish something or move toward it. To be inspired is uplifting as it causes me to want to be more or have more.

Inspiration can feel like we are propelled in a direction that we want to go in, like something of higher value is available for us.


When we are inspired by something, it is important to build on this momentum in order to create a new experience for ourselves. What aspect of our lives does the inspiration touch on?  What action can you take to get closer to this aspect?

Think about “why” something feels inspiring and how we would like to feel if we could create this thing or experience for ourselves. By identifying the feeling and maintaining it, the Law of Attraction will give us experiences that match this feeling.

Inspiration can feel like love or affection initially and the feeling of being inspired feels clear. Or, it can feel like a resistance to something or someone, which in turn help us to clarify what does indeed inspire us. Be open to following through with all of your feelings.

What can stand in the way of being inspired?

Being out of alignment will always stand in our way, as this means we aren’t feeling positive and consequently have blocked off our wellbeing for a while. Feeling negative emotion will always block off our ability to be inspired.

Feeling distracted and giving too much of our attention to things that don’t matter will also block off our feelings of inspiration.

Looking to be inspired? There a probably a million different ways available to us but here a few to consider…..

~ I love Pinterest, as it has visual images of every subject imaginable. We can look at other’s boards for inspiration and create our very own! Using Pinterest online continually inspires me.

~I consider myself a queen of Google and I use it almost everyday! I think up subjects and people and love seeing what comes up. Then, I have the option to click on other links and travel down all sorts of paths of information. I find this inspiring!

~Exercising is a great way to receive inspiration. There is a certain openness to our psyche when we are exercising and I have received lot’s of inspiring messages while being on the treadmill. It’s amazing!

~Ask to be inspired! Not a day goes by that I don’t ask the universe to inspire me! I leave it open for the universe to decide in which way it is going to delight me. This works all the time!

~A walk in nature! Sounds cliché, but nature is a place of openness, and receiving.  It rocks as a venue for being inspired in your thoughts and ideas when you want to create something.

~Music is amazingly expansive….. When music makes us feel good we are open to receiving messages and inspiration!

These are just a few ways available to us, so be open to experimenting. Remember, we will only ever be inspired when we are feeling our wellbeing and positive emotion.

I would love to have your comments!

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