Have you ever met anyone that seems to default to being upset on a regular basis? Is it you? If you think about it, there is tremendous energy in being upset, even if it is energy that feels bad and puts you in a place where you can’t manifest anything you want. So, even if it’s energy that is non-productive it carries with it a lot of momentum and can feel powerful. Defaulting to explosive negative energy can become a habit for many of us.

This is where many people can become addicted to being mad or upset in various ways. It is energizing. People develop habits out of things that stimulate them whether they are good for them or not.

What about the state of being, which is neither positive nor negative but feels really neutral?  This is where you aren’t generating powerful energy but are in more or less of a static place. Have you ever felt this way? It isn’t very inspiring or motivating and carries no momentum in either direction. It can be a challenging place to create anything from. Negative energy can even feel like a relief when you find yourself too long in a neutral place.

Positive energy is the most productive energy available to us. It gives us a clear and open connection to our own personal wellbeing and access to all the answers, experiences, things and people we are looking for. Positive energy is more powerful than negative energy even if it sometimes appears there’s more power in the negative energy coming from someone. Positive energy is creative energy and gives you access to the inspiration to create everything you want.  It is limitless.

You can train yourself into positive energy boosts that will enhance you and everyone around you. You can default to positive energy boosts with practice.

~One way is to amp up when you find yourself in positive emotion. Instead of letting an experience be a fleeting moment where you feel good, don’t let it pass too quickly. Keep yourself in the moment by letting the good feelings go everywhere in your body. Breathe that good feeling in! If it’s a memory that is creating it, milk the memory. Hold yourself in the memory and explore it.

~ Deliberately intend to extend the experience of your joy. Nothing feels better than our happiness so make it fun and be deliberate in creating the state of mind you want.

~Focus your way into how you want to feel. If you’ve slipped into feeling negative, turn your focus toward something or someone you already know makes you feel good. Life is about constantly turning our focus away from what makes us feel bad toward what makes us feel good. Do this constantly.

~ Be selfish with how you want to feel. Nothing is more important than feeling good. It is only from this place that you inspire others and receive the inspiration you want. Make your happiness a priority and be creative in finding joy in the smallest aspects in your day.

The energy boosts you create from positive emotion will be really powerful! Use these times to ask for what you want, take inspired action toward your goals and share with others the joy you are creating.


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© 2015.  Sharon Ballantine.  All Rights Reserved.


© 2016. Sharon Ballantine. All Rights Reserved.