Loving-connections with others are such a vital part of our life experience, wouldn’t you agree? Sometimes these connections are romantic, and sometimes there aren’t any romantic feelings, just a simple adoration of another. A great friendship that feels good.

Sea Of Hands Showing Unity And TeamworkI came into this world thinking that if I loved someone, they would be in my life forever. At least they should be. It was devastating in my younger years, when a friend I had spent so much time and energy on, found other interests and other friends. I didn’t understand at the time that people change and this was how life is supposed to be. I wasn’t immune to this phenomenon; it just hurt when others did it to me.

It has been many years since my Law of Attraction studies have given me a real understanding of how and why relationships change. I have peace of mind that I didn’t have when I was younger.

The law states that like attracts like, therefore all of our experiences, thoughts and every person that comes into our experience are a match to us on some level. And this level is not always obvious to us.

Each of us is changing in every moment of our lives. You may be evolving at a very fast pace, depending on your life experience. In other words, The more you are in negative emotion and find your way back to feeling good, the faster you are evolving. Your personal evolution takes place once you return to being happy. The positive part of feeling negative is the evolution you take when you move from feeling bad to happy.

So, as you are changing and evolving, as others are too, you won’t necessarily be evolving at the same pace or in the same ways and you will no longer be a match. This can change relationships. The perfect match that was there at one time has taken another form.

It still hurts when someone you care about grows away from you, or when you seemingly grow away from them. You can take comfort in knowing that nothing has actually gone wrong and things are just as they should be.

But what if you don’t want them to go? Remembering that there is perfection in all of the situations of our life can bring you the comfort we need.

And when you let go of what doesn’t serve you and what is no longer working, you open yourself up to let in the new experiences, people and things that will delight you! A new space has been opened up and the Universe can fill it to your specifications, so be clear and concise in who and what you now want.



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