St Louis resident, author, speaker and musician Bob Baker joins Sharon in this hour of the Sharon Ballantine Show. His expertise includes music and the written word and is most known as a music- marketing expert. Bob’s work as a workshop leader helps others explore their personal creative process, become known, connect with their fans and create exposure. He has been attracted to the arts since an early age and even though there were times in his life where he wasn’t creating what he wanted to be, Bob always went back his roots of creating art. His strong belief in “taking action” when inspired, caused him to explore a myriad of different artistic fields to discover where his passions lay.

One of his books, the DIY Career Manifesto is the Unconventional Guide to Turning Your Talents and Know-How Into a Profitable Business. Bob shares his messages about music, art and business through his many books. He believes that many of us don’t adhere or desire the typical 9-5 job, so Bob‘s path can serve as an inspiration for others to follow in generating a lifestyle and business in what they love to do.

It is very easy these days in social media to get one’s message out to the masses, and in the Law of Attraction, the more you give the more you receive. He states thatin the beginning of one’s career it can take a long time to become established and known on the internet, but offering content with value will eventually show its dividends.

Bob asks two big questions for Sharon and she shares her insights, tips and advice on how to stay relevant with potential clients, and how to place value what you are offering. She sums it up to the following: take the action that feels good and continue to do what you love doing. Those who follow are those who are a match to your mission. Visit Bob online at

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