David Zarza, Author, Speaker, Life Strategist, Integrity Coach and Psychic Medium, joins Sharon on this episode of the Sharon Ballantine Show.  They open the conversation with David’s story of having the capacity to tap into the energy of other people when he was a child. Back then David assumed he was able to do this because he had an overly active imagination. It was during his teen years that he came to see it was more than just an active imagination.

David holds the belief that each of us has access to the voice and sight of the Universe, and that everyone can seek guidance from people that have passed on. Many clients seek his talents that enable them to be in contact with their loved ones in this way.  Each person comes away from this experience with a sense and knowing that something extraordinary has occurred. David has recently launched a program called “Integrity Coaching” where he facilitates small groups, which then have the opportunity to create and transition into their greater selves.

In 2006, while David was visiting a church in his community he experienced his first clear spirit conversations with The Universe.  “When Spirit’s Call” shares with his readers his own personal journey of going from a science junkie (needing proof) to someone comfortable in the spiritual realm. It tells the story of his journey of learning to trust his process as well as opening up to the possibilities of what the Universe and spirit can provide.

David requests insights from Sharon regarding challenges that can be experienced when a person wants to express a message of higher consciousness. In part, Sharon says that staying true to one’s message and staying in integrity will help dispel the fears that can arise.

Look for David on his website www.davidzarza.com and connect with him on Facebook!

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