This hour on the Sharon Ballantine Show, entrepreneur and free spirit RJ Diaz joins Sharon to discuss business, immigrants and life passions. He grew up as a child of an immigrant from Columbia and spent his young adult life traveling around Europe in a time before social media communication and cell phones learning valuable life lessons.

His philosophy includes how luck is manifested in our lives and how everything we create is a blessing. RJ was among the first kids in his school to use a computer and actually thought he was going to be a computer scientist, but later discovered a love for architecture.

His life as an entrepreneur began after reading a book called “The 4-Hour Work Week.” RJ actually dreamed of creating that life for himself. His mind was changed however, when he realized his deep love for business. He subsequently began his own company of utility canvas bags, named Industry Portage.

Acknowledging we are always faced with decisions in our lives and it is a choice in what we focus on. In considering a future vision for his company, RJ asks Sharon for insights on how he would know whether he wants to take his part time company into the full time practice or keep it as a cottage industry. She shares with him practical, internal and motivational messages that he can listen for. The key is to stay in a place of happiness to be available for inspired action and direction.

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