Manifest What You Want NOW!

Isn’t it fun to want things, people and experiences to come into your life?  It’s fun having the desire, creating the details and visualizing the outcome, as long as you don’t notice that it isn’t here yet, why isn’t it, and is the Universe even listening???

At this point, your beautiful desire starts to feel bad. And at this point, you are blocking off your beautiful desire from getting to you, from manifesting into the place where you can feel it, touch it, and experience it!

Let’s back up a bit.  There is a process for manifesting what you want.

First, there is the desire. A conscious desire is something that you have decided you want to have or experience. The more that you focus on, cultivate, and refine the details of your desire, the more momentum you create toward the process of manifestation.

Clarify your desire by thinking about what you want and why you want it. How do you want to feel by having it?

Second, you must know that your desire has been created fully, and is being held for you in the energetic realm. It is held here until you call it forth. You call it forth by allowing it to come to you.

Third, is your place of allowing. Your place of allowing has many components to it.

It is free of resistance, which is any negative emotion you feel when you think or speak about what you want. For example: Doubting that it will come to you, or that you don’t actually deserve it, are a few of the ways in which we commonly stand in our own way. You must find a way to know that you deserve what you have asked for, and  trust that it is on its way to you.

The process of creation is having your desire, and then not noticing that it hasn’t manifested yet. How do you not notice?

You do this by practicing where your focus goes and deliberately thinking and speaking to others ONLY about what you want. This will cultivate a creative thought process, and more fully integrate the belief you want to have…… which is that your desire is coming to you.

Put your energies into feeling what it feels like to already have what you have asked for.  For example: You want more money, you want to feel more abundant. Pick an aspect of your life in which you already feel abundant, maybe you are abundant in friendships, health etc.

Now, feel the essence of the abundance you already have and milk it, feel it, and completely embody the powerful feeling of this abundance.  When you are in this feeling place, the energetic vibration you send out to the Universe is that of abundance. The Law of Attraction, which is the law that governs our Universe, states that what you vibrate will come back to you in like feelings, thoughts and manifestations.

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