We create our own reality and we are indeed in control of our experience. Our emotions are our indicator of alignment, and I learned how to use them to make new, and happier choices.

Positive, passionate living is what propels me forward and sharing this with others is what brings me the greatest JOY!

I have always felt that one of my missions in life was to be a parent, the best parent I could possibly be. I am in the process of writing my first book, ”The Art of Blissful Parenting” in which I guide parents on the practical and spiritual aspects of raising functional, happy kids. Teaching parents how to follow their own Internal Guidance System, and teaching their children how to follow their own. My kids are now grown and being with them is my idea of happiness!

Other passions that propel me forward, are….traveling the world and experiencing other cultures, studying nutrition, reading and writing non-fiction, and being wildly social!

“The magic in your life is inspired by your joy.” -Sharon Ballantine

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