You probably know from your life experience that whatever you think about determines how you feel. It doesn’t even take much time to either feel great or feel terrible, depending on the dialogue in your mind. As you sit and ponder what’s in store for you and you are excited, you feel good don’t you? When you worry or remember things that felt unpleasant, you don’t feel good.

As we live our day-to-day lives, it is our responsibility to find things to feel good about. Why? Because how we feel determines what we manifest, starting with more thoughts along the thought-train we’ve already started. Have you noticed that when you begin thinking about someone or something that isn’t pleasing you, the roller coaster begins?

One thought attracts another thought and you’re on your way to feeling worse and worse. The question is; are we willing to notice these patterns and start a new practice. A new practice of using our thoughts to take us places that feel better and yes, even great!

In the past, I have given tools on how to choose ways to feel better. One tool was a joy list, a list of things, people or places that make you feel good by doing them or being with them. Using this list when you’re not feeling your best is a great way to practice better feeling thoughts and experiences. All you need to do is get your list out and choose something that you already know makes you feel good. Then participate in it!

Since using your mind and thoughts determines how you feel, why not use your memories to manifest really good feelings? I have found using past memories that make me smile, laugh, or generate any number of positive emotions, is an amazing tool to bring my joy level up when I already feel great, to raising my happiness level when I’m not feeling very happy. Memories are an amazing tool.

It doesn’t matter if this happy memory is from your childhood, or yesterday. What matters is the feeling it evokes from you. These happy memories may be from a past holiday spent with family. It may be from accomplishing something that made you proud of yourself. It may be from watching your child learn a new skill, or just time spent alone in a setting that was nurturing. The beauty is that you get to choose your memories from all of your life experiences that have brought you joy.

Now, you want to relive them at their most powerful level, in your own mind. You can do this while you’re driving, walking, sitting at your desk, or anywhere you want to. I relive many of my best memories while I’m on the treadmill! You can close your eyes or leave them open. Take a deep breath and immerse yourself in the surroundings of your memory.

~ What were the sounds

~ Notice the colors that were present

~ What did you hear?

~ Allow yourself to completely immerse yourself into the joyful feelings of this memory. Do this as long as you can, and as long as it feels good.

You can use the same memory over and over, I do. The key is that you only stay in any memory as long as it feels good. We can find ourselves lost in a happy memory and then start to think about and feel that we miss having an aspect of this memory or someone in it. Any feelings of lack in a memory will render the memory no longer effective at that time. If this happens, then gently move out of that memory into another good feeling one. You can always come back to, and start over on any memory.

Use your mind as the most effective tool you possess on the path to feeling good. Take what’s inside of you already, your happy memories. Rock those memories and use them to enhance your day, week or life!


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© 2015.  Sharon Ballantine.  All Rights Reserved.

© 2016. Sharon Ballantine. All Rights Reserved.