Setting Your Intention

Have you given much thought to what you want? Do you spend a lot of time desiring things, people, experiences, and outcomes?

Have you been receiving your hearts desires?

We all want to feel powerful and in control of our lives. We want to know that what we desire is attainable.
But, if we spend the majority of our time wanting and then noticing we do not have something, it slows the process in manifesting it.

We feel powerful when we manifest something and KNOW that we have done so. This powerful feeling then perpetuates more powerful feelings, which result in more manifestations. The cycle continues……

What is this magical, powerful energy that helps us manifest into our experience what we have decided we want?

This energy is our INTENTION. Our intention is our “rocket fuel” that propels us forward-powerfully! I believe that intention is (almost) everything!

It is what we use to consciously, deliberately create our lives, our moments.

A good place to start is by asking your self some powerful questions….

What do I intend for my life, my week and my day, today?
What outcome do I desire of this interaction, business deal or date?

I have found through my life experience, that using my intention in EVERYTHING that I do, tremendously increases the chances of having the outcome that I want. My power is in my intention. What do I mean by this?

Our days are made up of many segments, which make up our interactions or activities. I have found the true power of creating, not by default, but in a conscious manner, by intending the result or the experience I want in each segment. I do this ahead of time. I envision the activity or interaction that I am going to have and I state the intention to myself of what I want to experience.

For example, if I am going to a business meeting I envision myself with everyone I will be with. I take a deep breath, close my eyes, and INTEND to have an open communication that feels good to everyone, I add in all the details of what I want and I then FEEl what it will feel like to get what I have envisioned.

Another example, I am going to lunch with a girlfriend. I want our time together to feel good, have great communication, have laughter, silliness etc! I INTEND this, and then I know it will be.

Life is about creating. Even the smallest things, and ordinary moments are too important to leave to chance. To consciously, deliberately intend your life is where your power lies.

Let’s co-create your highest ideal!
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