I recently found myself remembering a really funny thing that happened to me, and as I remembered the details, I started to laugh out loud like it was the funniest thing that had ever occurred. What I was finding so funny was nothing of huge importance, just another silly thing I had created. But it was so much fun to do this, that I began remembering it on purpose just so I could laugh. I started to do this everyday, remembering different funny things that had happened recently or even years ago. This is called creating joy on purpose.

I started to think that I was on to something important. Why wait for something funny to happen to laugh out loud. You never know, it could take weeks if you’re waiting for humor to come to you. You can create this for yourself every day just by bringing up a funny memory you love. Maybe it’s something funny you did, someone did to you or for you. Maybe it’s something you observed and you weren’t even involved. The subject doesn’t matter; it just needs to be funny to you.

Doesn’t it feel great to laugh, and do we do it enough? Finding reasons to laugh can seem frivolous to many people who find themselves running through their busy day. Haven’t most of us heard the saying, “laughter is the best medicine?” Why is this true? Laughing release endorphins in your brain, which facilitate wellbeing. When you laugh because something is funny it relaxes your body and your energy field. When you are relaxed, you become open and available to all areas of your wellbeing. You are then in what I like to call, your place of allowing.

When we manifest what we’ve been wanting and have asked for, it is because we’ve allowed it. We allow manifestations by not standing in our own way. We don’t allow what we want to come to us when we’re feeling negative emotion, which is any emotion that doesn’t feel good. It’s important to amp up and make feeling good a priority.  Finding reasons to laugh is one way to do this.

Use any excuse to laugh. Laugh at yourself, the world, the silly things and people around you. There is no subject out of bounds and nothing too frivolous to laugh at. Allow all your wellbeing to come forth so you can then be inspired to create your best life. You can even tell others the stories of what you’re laughing about and make them laugh too.

Enjoy your fun and happy memories today. I’m going to look for things to laugh about.


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© 2015.  Sharon Ballantine.  All Rights Reserved.


© 2016. Sharon Ballantine. All Rights Reserved.