I saw a movie recently that inspired me to write about this subject and reminded me of a very important aspect in all of our lives. The movie depicted a young secret agent in training who had to jump out of an airplane with his teammates. They were told that one of them was without a parachute to save their fall. As this young agent  watched his teammates open their chutes and land safely, he became aware that he was the final one in the group that hadn’t opened his chute. It also meant he didn’t have a parachute that would open, according to the senior agent who sent them on this mission. “There will be one of you that won’t survive,” he had told the group earlier that day.

As he pulled fiercely on the cord that should have opened his chute, nothing happened except he tore his shirt. Instead of panicking he was able to piggyback onto the legs of another team member and land safely. The defining moment in the film came when his senior officer congratulated him on his creative action. The senior officer then proceeded to turn the young agents vest around and pull the chute cord that had been there the entire time, it was just not in the expected place where he had been trained to find it.  It was behind him, but always within reach.

Simply put, having a parachute constantly made available to you, means that whether you see it or not, or believe it or not; the Universe always has your back. The answers you’re looking for are continually being offered; as are all the tools you need to get to where you want to go and accomplish what you intend to.  

When it appears you are falling and don’t have anything to slow your fall, the truth is you do.

Why believe that the Universe has your back and supports you? Maybe your life experience has shown you it does and maybe your life experience has shown you it can disappoint. Whatever you may have believed and lived until now, you can make a new choice and begin to believe in the good things that are waiting to be created in your life. When you begin to practice believing that there are answers that may not be immediately obvious, you open up the opportunities to make amazing changes.

~ Begin to look in places that have seemed unlikely in the past. Reach out to new people, places and avenues of research.

~ Pay more attention. Be easy about it, but keep an awareness and expectation that good things are coming to you.

~ Ask for inspiration for new ideas.

~ Find more ways in which to feel good, as feeling good is essential to receiving inspiration.

~ Know that you are here to create everything that occurs to you, so allow yourself to do so.

~ Have more Faith in yourself by affirming all the positive aspects of YOU that you already believe.

~ Be diligent in your positive self-talk and what you say to others. Negative talk will never get you what you want.

Moving forward~ Begin every endeavor, and every interaction knowing you have a parachute. Practice believing that whether you see it or not, it is there. Enjoy the process and openness of having your answers being given from places you never expected.


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© 2016.  Sharon Ballantine.  All Rights Reserved.


© 2016. Sharon Ballantine. All Rights Reserved.