Haven’t we all had an experience or a series of experiences that we wish we could have over and over?  They may have felt so good that we struggle to think of not being able to have them on a regular basis and experience them forever.

We can’t recreate the exact aspects of our past, the perfect job we had, the amazing lover or the fabulous city we once lived in, and the truth is we probably wouldn’t want them in the same way we experienced them at the time they were in our lives.

We move on and we change, as our purpose is to constantly create a new vision for ourselves. This new vision is an expanded version of who we are now.

Our lives are a series of experiences that evolve us.  We evolve from these experiences by taking with us the pieces of these past things that will enhance us moving forward. We also evolve by surviving the parts that felt bad by helping us find clarity in what we want the next time.

We can find the value in these relationships, the places we lived or the jobs we held, by focusing on how they enriched us. When we’re able to develop and practice the thought patterns of what felt good about these experiences, we can hold onto the essence of what we treasured and infuse them into our current life.

How can you handpick the valuable aspects of these experiences that you want to keep in your life?

~ Intend and deliberately choose the aspects that felt good and positive to you. For example:  The characteristics of a situation or person that inspired and enhanced you.  Focus on and relive the best feeling emotion that came from that experience or exchange.

~ Acknowledge that your life is meant to be fluid and ever changing. For example: As we evolve and grow, our needs and desires change and we come to prefer different things and different kinds of people.

~ Examine without dwelling on the aspects that didn’t feel good and get clear on what it is you do want. For example: The job where you weren’t appreciated can become the job where you are valued with your clarity of desire.

~ Know that you can experience aspects from past situations in other ways than you did before.  For example: you can amp up the love and acceptance you have for yourself by remembering the feeling of love and acceptance from another person.

~ You become available to experience everything that felt good to you by practicing non-attachment. For example:  Allowing what you want to come to you in whatever way it wants to, in other words, not having a rigid outcome in mind of how you will get the feeling or experience again.

You can’t recreate the past in the exact way you lived it, but you can develop within yourself all the positive aspects of what you’ve lived in your past. When you find yourself yearning for what was, remember you can take the best parts and create something new and wonderful.

You can take the relationship that didn’t last and clarify what you truly want. You can remember everything you’ve lived and choose what you want to create NOW. It can be an empowering and positive step you take in creating the next special chapter of your life.


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© 2015.  Sharon Ballantine.  All Rights Reserved.


© 2016. Sharon Ballantine. All Rights Reserved.