As we come to the end of 2015, we may be reflecting on this past year and what life brought to us and what we created. There will probably be aspects in our lives that unfolded just as we imagined they would, perhaps even better or nowhere near what we envisioned. These aspects may relate to our state of health, relationships, job, finances, home, children, etc.  

Whether we feel we had a fabulous year or one we didn’t love, the good news is this: January 1st is a new beginning. It is the first day of the new-year, and each of us can therefore decide it is a fresh start. We have the capacity to create anything we choose in this coming year. Do you believe this?  Your answer will determine your starting point. What you believe is what you create or don’t create. A belief sets the energy in motion.

Some of us approach the new-year stating our new years resolutions about things we wish to change or improve. Resolutions are a course of action we have decided to take, for example: a resolution to find a better paying job, a nicer home, a significant other, more friends etc. Most of us make our resolutions from a place of lacking something, from a less than good feeling subject in our lives, such as a resolution to lose weight, because we feel overweight. Feeling lack keeps what we want away.

My experience has shown me that resolutions in our culture can many times be a recipe for failure.  The word “resolution” can often make us feel like we’ve failed before we’ve even started. I want to feel powerful when I’m deciding to make a change and create something new. Don’t you? It is infinitely more fun and more productive to start a new endeavor on yourself or outside of yourself when you feel powerful and strong. Therefore let’s change the terminology for what we’re trying to create.

Let’s set our Intentions for 2016 instead of our resolutions. I love the word intention because it carries power. Intention is a powerful force; I like to call it the “rocket fuel” that propels you toward what you want to create. Why is that, it’s just a word? Everything is about perspective and all things have the power you give them. Listen to someone that is stating an intention. They generally state an intention with a certain amount of conviction. It is this conviction, this feeling and belief that carry the power.

An important aspect of setting your intention is envisioning and feeling your end result before you achieve it. If you are intending to have more friends, then see yourself in the company of more friends. Feel how amazing it will feel to have these people in your life. If you are intending on finding a better paying job, see yourself in this job, even if you don’t know all the details of it. Feel what it will be like to have more money, benefits or any aspect of this better job. Feeling like you already have something you want is an important factor in attracting it.

Let’s set our intentions for 2016 and take what we’re feeling to a whole new level. Dream big and make lists of what you want to create, achieve, and experience. Know that you are capable of having what you want and having the year that you envision.  Intend each and every thing that occurs to you and envision your life, as you want it to be.

Happy New Year friends!


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© 2015.  Sharon Ballantine.  All Rights Reserved.


© 2016. Sharon Ballantine. All Rights Reserved.