I remember as a child, taking solace in knowing that I could have any thoughts I wanted to, and no one would ever know. I could be angry with others and say whatever I wanted to them in my head and they would be none the wiser.  All the judgments and sometimes not so nice things could fill my head without anyone being affected.  As I grew older and came to experience life, it became clear the limiting belief I had been harboring all those years was absolutely not true.

The words in your head may be private but the energy you send with those thoughts is not.

You see; the world of energy is more powerful than anything you can ever say or think as words in your head. The energy you transmit to the world and to others starts with your thoughts and feelings. This energy then travels directly to your object of focus, which may be another person. This other person is powerfully affected by what you’re thinking by the energy they’re hit with, be it positive or negative.

Do you understand the power of your energy? You can make or break a relationship just based on what you’re thinking about the relationship or the person, over a period of time.

One example of this energy transmission is when someone you are thinking about or maybe intending to call, suddenly calls you.  It’s called synchronicity.  If they can feel your intention and thoughts, even on this subconscious level you can be assured they will feel the essence of this energy, whether it feels good or it doesn’t feel good.

Have you ever had the experience of thinking negatively about someone for a period of time, seeing him or her again and having them feel especially distant toward you? It was in this way I started to discover on a personal level how this energy really worked in my own life.  The opposite was true as well and ultimately much more fun to experience. The times I had been sending loving thoughts to someone and the warmth they greeted me with was amazing.

Science has proven the transmission of energy through Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics, which studying on a basic level has always fascinated me. Science aside, it’s a lot more fun to experiment and have control over the energy we’re transmitting.  You have control over how well your relationships feel based on how you are thinking.

What are ways you can control what you experience in your relationships?

~ Be aware of the patterns of thought you have toward someone. Are you continually judging them in your head, or are you feeling appreciation? Change the negative thoughts into any form of positivity you can find.

~ Do your thoughts reflect an expectation of success and harmony in the

relationship?  Thoughts of expectation will help give you those results.

~ Intend each day, that you will have patience and ease in what you experience with someone. Intend to keep your thoughts positive. (Intention helps create)

~ Know that another is feeling what you’re thinking and feeling, even if they aren’t with you.  Be aware of the energy you send.

~ Own the power you possess in all your relationships. If they feel good then you’re on the track you want. If they don’t feel good, know you can’t control what someone else is sending you, but you can control what goes on in your own head.

The ways in which we think about someone will affect the ways in which we experience them. We attract what we send out, it has to be a match.

Make a choice to think in a deliberate manner toward those you love and also toward the world at large. The grocery clerk responds the same way to your energy as your beloved does.

If you have examples of experiences where the energy you sent out had an unmistakable outcome, please share with us!


© 2015.  Sharon Ballantine.  All Rights Reserved.

© 2016. Sharon Ballantine. All Rights Reserved.